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Spencer Kelley is a songwriter, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist who is in the entertainment business for the long haul.  After releasing material on K Records with critically acclaimed groups Wallpaper and Basemint, Spencer spent a couple of years hunkered down in the studio at Swoon Records to mastermind Pale Noise, his latest band.  The label gave him keys to the studio and  as much time as he needed to write, re-write, record, and re-record until he was satisfied. Pale Noise’s debut LP release, Some Crude Grace, is the culmination of that effort.  The album takes classic T. Rex style glam rock, Beatles and Kinks style pop, and synth atmospheres reminiscent of Brian Eno’s work, and then blends them with some modern strangeness inspired by Beck. In addition to the guitars, drums, vocals, and electronic textures, there is heavy use of real string sections and percussion. After finishing the album, Spencer hand-picked his live band, which faithfully reproduces the overall feel of the album and adds a dose of spontaneous unpredictability.